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The Proper Choice of Writer That will Make You Satisfied For Sure!

on 09/04/2014

The essay writing service offered by our company is always ready to meet all your requirements what you can see from the perfectly completed custom essays. To reach our common aim of your success we have adjusted our custom writing services to your financial possibilities as well as to the variety of assignments that you often need writing services help with. In fact, all the essay writing services can always be modified in case you need something special for your order. For example, it is not a problem if you need a few pages to be rewritten and then a few pages of essay writing completed from scratch. All you need is just order rewriting with our custom writing service and then we will send you an additional payment link for pages from scratch. You can be sure that the writer will be notified of this change and will definitely complete the custom essay as you requested. Even after you have paid for the writing service selected and your writer has started working on your order, there are adjustments possible. Just please feel free to contact our support team and we will be glad to assist you in any issue.

To make our custom writing services even more convenient for you there are some additional features suggested. Although selecting them makes your order more expensive, sometimes it is worth choosing them to make sure you get the best custom essay possible with our essay writing service.

The number of additional possibilities is connected with the writer option. If you do not need a specific writer for your custom essays kindly choose “Best available” writer and we won`t charge you for that additionally. In case you are the returning customer of our custom writing service and you want to request the same writer who has completed your previous essay writing assignment, please type the number of your previous order in the paper instructions field. As we appreciate your cooperation a lot, this opportunity is completely free of charge for you. However, the additional payment will be added in case you request a top-writer. That will ensure that the experienced writer with more than 5 years working in the sphere of academic writing will be assigned to your order and he will have PhD degree in the field that correlates with your subject and topic. No doubt that in this case you will get the paper of the highest quality possible. Another writer`s category is ENL that means “English as a native speaker”. The writers performing our essay writing services come from various corners of the globe and for some of them have English as their second language. When choosing best available option you cannot know where your writer is from, but ENL writers are always from USA, Britain or other native English speakers. Most likely it will make you essay sound more natural. However, all the writers working on our custom writing service have passed a number of exams, the job interview and psychological texts as well. Thus, anyway you will be satisfied with the paper received!